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Program Assignment Procedures


Each of the program assignments will be given a due date.You will be given one week for each assignment. These assignments are due at the end of the class.You will always turn in the printed listing of the program files (.cpp and .h files) and a diskette or CD that contains the source programs.An alternative to turning in your program on diskette or CD is for you to e-mail your program(s) to If you do, be sure that all source files are sent.Also, send files as attachments rather than sending your programs as part of the message text.The best way to ensure that happens is to zip the files together before sending the zipped file as an attachment.The program listings should still be turned in during class.

Some assignments may require additional material such as an output file, report listing, etc., but the statement of the assignment will describe that.On the diskette or CD, please have a folder labeled Assignment 1 (or whatever number is appropriate).Inside this folder place all of the items associated with the assignment.This will include the source program, any input and output files, etc.You do not need to include the project workspace files since I will compile your source program when I grade the assignment.Failure to follow this procedure will cost you points.


Each program assignment is worth 50 points.If an assignment is late, 10% (5 points) will be deducted for each week it is late.If you are unable to complete an assignment on time, there will be a "grace period" in which you can complete the program and only lose 5% (2-1/2 points).You can e-mail a program to me and if I receive it by the Sunday morning following the due date, you will be assessed this reduced deduction.In that case, I will print the program listing.


There will be two or three extra credit programs available during the semester that will be worth between 10 and 20 points each.For each week an extra credit program is late, 20% of its value will be deducted.Extra credit points cannot exceed 10% of the total program points.


Assistance with the Programs

There are several methods available for you to get help with the programs.I will generally be in the classroom by 4:30 p.m. on the evening of our scheduled classes.I am also available via e-mail to answer questions.You should send me your program files when you ask me a question via e-mail.I have often made corrections to a studentís programs noting the changes with comments before returning the marked up program.You may also take advantage of tutoring provided by the university.An instructor(s) is available for tutoring on Sunday afternoons between 2p.m. and 4p.m. in Room 103 at Sverdrup Hall.If you still feel you need additional assistance, please see me.